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Know The Difference: About Us

Know The Difference

Not All Black Seed Oil  Are The Same

With over 70 different Black Seed Oil available in the market worldwide, its hard to make a decision as to which one to consider, there is only 2-3 company actually stock pure unfiltered Black Seed Oil worldwide.


There is numerous type of seeds available, & only can be identified by its flower, for the type of seed it is, we have been blessed to have found the seed with highest content of Thymoquinone, the most important active ingredient in Nigella Sativa, which comes from a remote Deltic region in South Asia, & that particular flower grows only in that area. Once tried our oil, one will know the difference right away if they have tried other Black Seed Oil & that is why we back our oil with satisfaction guarantee or Money Back


One of the reason we have our oil pressed at source (fully operated by our company)  is the strict Australian Customs requirement to Fumigate any Seeds before entering Australia, once seeds are Fumigated some of the minerals are sterilised during the process. 

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